The Why & How of Growing Your Business

The Why & How of Growing Your Business

Is your business giving you the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of?

Are you able to spend the time you want with your family & friends?

Kaibizzen & Rothgard are committed to ensuring clients recognise and unlock their true potential and are offering you the opportunity to attend a valuable complimentary education session on How to Grow Your Business and Why!

What will you learn?

Gain agreement with your partner about what you want out of your life
Understand why you make the financial decisions you do
The secret behind never arguing over money again
Understand how much money you really need to achieve your goals
Appreciate how your business is the tool that will help you achieve your dream lifestyle
Learn how to eradicate the mistakes that cause financial ruin in business

In summary, you and your life and business partners will learn how to determine where you want to go, why you want to go there, how to get there, what you have to DO and who you have to BECOME to achieve this.

21st May 2014
1.00pm to 5.00pm

Unit 4, 22 Palmer Place



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